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Snitching on Snitched

Rita Skeeter Reports

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Dear all,

This is a modest newsletter started by myself, Rita Skeeter, to report to you, the general student populace, all the sordid and underhanded goings on at Hogwarts. Needless to say, the job keeps me very busy indeed.

Please do help my newsteam (ie: me) by encouraging circulation of these newsletters and general scorn of those involved in my stories (especially Severus Snape). Your help and support is greatly appreciated.

Rita Skeeter
Kissy kissy


Feel free to watch this journal to keep updated on snitched and its players. All comments and questions etc are very welcome!
"discoballs", dishing the dirt, dumbledore reads "sherbert monthly", embarrassing remus lupin, everyone's retrosexual, give me details dammit, gossip, illicit broom cupboard relations, james has enormous hair, james potter=enormous prat, newts, remus is a girl, sirius snogs his teddy, snape chews his toenails